My husband and I used to do all kinds of things together and not just go out and have fun we used to just sit and talk but lately every time I say hey do u wanna spend some us time after work he says yes but as soon as he gets home he either calls his friends gets on the internet or goes somewhere and after he makes plans he says oh u wanted to spend us time i forgot and asks me if I want him to cancel his plans and I always say no cause I don’t want his friends to think I’m not letting him hang with them cause I used to say that and then they started calling me a ***** and saying I don’t let him do anything im also 33 weeks pregnant and the only time we ever cuddle is when he tries to have sex with me and im not supposed to be having sex right now cause my doctor said not too and he tries like everyday but when I say no he just cuddles for like 3 min more then roles over and ignores me till he or I falls asleep I feel like he’s avoiding me or something I just feel like he doesn’t want me anymore I try to talk to him but he always gets upset or mad cause he says im just having a pregnancy mood swing when really I’ve felt like he is gonna leave me as soon our kid is born or something I don’t know what to do im so scared every time I try to have us time he says its boring and wants to go to a friends please someone help I don’t know what to do and just today he usually calls me on his work breaks but when I asked him if he wanted me to call he said no its pointless there’s only 5 min left he used to call even if he had less than a minute just to say he loved me what is going on with him is he avoiding me


I would sit down and have a serious discussion with your husband and ask him what he wants out of this relationship. Your needs are not being met, and yes you could be hormonal but that is part of pregnancy and he should be supportive and respectful of that. You deserve and are worthy of his time just as much as his friends are. He needs to get his priorities in order a kid is a lifetime commitment. If he tells you that hanging out with you is boring ask him what he would prefer to do, go to a movie, go out to dinner? The point is that this a beautiful process and he is really missing out. He either wants to be a part or he doesn’t. I would ask him his thoughts about the baby and the new change that will becoming when he/she arrives. You both need to be on the same page and it sounds like his heart isn’t in it.
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