My wife and I have been married for 6 years, I’m 32 she is 28. My wife is a very attractive woman so she does get a lot of attention when she goes out, even with me. But we have a good relationship, she doesn’t go out alone other than once a month with her girl friends and occasionally to work functions, although I sometimes go on these too.
But last weekend she went to a party in Mansfield, (we live in Birmingham) on a minibus with a bunch of guys from work and a few girls. Well 3 girls and 12 guys to be exact! Plus it was a fancy dress party with ‘school days’ as the theme. She wore a blouse, blazer, red tartan miniskirt, white over-the-knee stockings and black high heel shoes. I felt extremely jealous, especially as I could not go as I was in London attending a work event, but she did invite me and wanted me to go.
The thing is, I felt a bit jealous when she showed me her outfit, but as I was away on the night I didn’t see her dressed up in it. So this week it was kind of forgotten about and life was normal, until last night when her friend emailed over all the photos. This was the first time I saw her in her outfit, WOW! She looked so hot and sexy in her white over-knee stockings and heels and her skirts was so short! Her hair was in pigtails too so she looked so cute! There was this one pic of her dancing with these 4 guys behind her all looking and smiling, then I saw a photo of her posing really sexy with her arm round a guy, then I saw a photo of her sitting on a guy’s lap with her legs crossed looking very comfortable  laughing with him and a guy sitting either side of them. (his hands were not on her though) I just felt so annoyed and jealous… we had a row and she accused me of being a child! I told her that she even went on a minibus with 12 guys dressed like that too! I know she didn’t do anything as she’s not like that, but she can flirt!
It all now feels like its my fault and I am the bad guy, all because of jealously. Do people think I am being stupid and should apologise, or am I right to react this way? I know its not a big deal compared to other questions on here, but I just don’t want to do the wrong thing.


Jealousy is a normal and healthy thing, as long as you don’t let it ruin or control a relationship. I think I would just tell her that she looked so amazing that you were more miffed that you couldn’t be a part of the party. Maybe you can ask for her to give you a private show 🙂 Being upset shows that you still care and are interested.

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