Do I tell my wife about my Love Child? My marriage of 18 years hit a several year rough spell.  I began to date a younger person who I told my wife about.  My wife and I through communication reconciled and began a great new chapter in our life.  After I ended the affair I was told by my former girlfriend that she was pregnant.  I told my wife she was pregnant and with my wifes knowledge I took my ex-girlfriend to get an abortion.  When discussing the pregnancy initially my wife told me she couldn’t stay married to me if she had the child.  Who can blame her!!!.  Just my horrible luck in life the abortion did not work and I recently learned she is still pregnant with a healthy baby and she is having it.  She allowed me to speak with her doctors because I questioned the “failed” abortion.  The doctor confirmed the failed abortion and told me the due date which is consistent with the first pregnancy.  Now – what do I do with my wife and family.  Do I tell my wife and children or just my wife.  I can not live keeping this secret from my wife and I am totally unsure as to how she will deal with this.  Please offer advice

It’s good that you wish to divulge the truth to your wife, she deserves that respect. I would first discuss this with your wife and explain that the abortion did fail and that she is more than welcome to discuss the details with the doctor. No sense in letting your children know until your wife and you decide how to handle the outcome.The best thing you can do is be upfront and honest and also take care of your children. It’s a responsibility that was brought into this world on your own accord. You cannot choose to ignore it. Either way be upfront it will work out the way it is meant to work out in the end.