What is your definition of character? Is it something that you strive to be or is it something that comes naturally to you? I believe character is defined how you treat others as well as how you treat yourself. If someone needs help do you walk past them and continue to ignore thier struggle or do you stop, listen, and find a way to help? I am not saying that some people in this world might use this ploy to gain attention and sometimes financial gain. It happens alot unfortunately, but then right there that speaks to that person’s character for trying to take advantage of others. And for those of us that do stop when it isn’t necessarily or truly needed does that make us out to be a bunch of suckers…I think not. Again it goes back to character. You did was what right and you helped another persom that you honestly thought was in need. The intent was heart felt and meaningful. And based on karmatic law this will come back  to you 10 fold and because others probably have seen this moment of love and compassion they too might be inspired by your actions. So instead of becoming jaded and worried that the next person in need of help is just pulling the wool over your eyes, stop yourself and remember. One small act of kindness affects more than just you and that other person. Live and lead by example not by expecting others to do the right thing, but because you know that YOU need to do the right thing to be true to yourself and those around you. Sometimes when people go to that place of negative and only wish for self gain take moment and reflect and wonder what could drive someone to go to that place, a moment of deep desparation, lack of moral sense, loss of self? We cannot change others nor thier intentions but we can do is value, appreciate, and live by our own.

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