My fiancée and I have known each other since we was in 11th grade (I’m 25 now). We went out our whole 11th grade year until she finally dumped me on our 9th month of us being together because she cheated and got pregnant. I honestly still wanted to be with her but she said she didn’t feel right because how bad she hurt me (I admit she was my first real girlfriend and when I found out that broke my heart to the point I cried all night and slept for two weeks straight almost).
Well Tiana had her son that January and she still talked to me through her pregnancy. She never stopped being my best friend. Once he was born I feel in love he was my little buddy and I was always over at her house with him (no she didn’t have me taking care of him. I wanted to be there.)
Her sons father was a “thug” and long story short made her son end up being killed when he took him into a middle of some stupid stuff. After that she moved away and I didn’t see much of her except even she came to visit her mom because staying there was to much for her. I ended up getting my heart broke again and after that my mom point blank couldn’t stand her.
Well she ended up moving back 3 years ago and at first I was just her roommate then it went to us being together and now we are getting married. She has a little girl who’s 4 and I swear I love her like shes my own. My whole family loves them both and accepts them both even my mom says she loves Tiana’s daughter.
But she hates Tiana she’s convinced im just going to get my heart broken again. Then even told Tiana she’s tired of her having me play daddy.
We are getting married in September and my mom says she’s not coming to “see me get heartbroken again”.
I don’t know what to do because my whole family is beyond happy and wants us to get married except her!
How do I get my mom to understand I love her? We are both grown adults and know what we are doing


Love is blind. I understand your mom’s hesitancy to accept this woman back into your life. But it’s just that, your life. I would ask that she sit down with you and let her know how you feel. That you understand she is trying to be protective but at the same time you need to live your life and learn at your own pace. Let her know how important it is to YOU that she be there on your day not your fiancé. Just be honest and speak from the heart and she should come around. If not, don’t get too upset over it, you also need to respect her decision, she doesn’t want to see you hurt.

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