There has been a solid trend people posting pics of themselves as well as others for people to vote on thier attractiveness. From a scientific point of view I can see how this would be rather intereting. The reason I mention this is that there have been several studies (with willing participants) who are asked to rate whom they are attracted too. Interestingly enough, most people who found the other person “attractive” fell into the same number on the attractiveness scale. And further more, it also supposedly has to do with the balance gemoetrically in someone facial features. The more the balance the more “attractive” that person is deemed. I agree with this and I do not, because to some degree I think flaws are what make people individual and beautifully unique. Ok off my tyrant and back to the real reason I am writing today’s blog. In today’s digital society there really isn’t a controlled environment so people are comparing themselves to others and it’s happening with impressionable children and teens. I recall when I was leaving high school there was a site called “” You were asked to upload a picture of yourself and complete strangers would vote on how attractive you were… or not. To make matters worse now people have mutiple sites to upload pics of themselves and others and asking people to rate their attractiveness. What are we teaching our children ? To focus on what we look like and how others preceive us as important? I find this trend rather sad and degrading. It’s one thing to sign up for a beauty pagaent and qiute another to see people posting pics and asking thier friends whom they think is hotter….Just plain sad. What has your experience been? How do you suggest we change it?

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