My partner has a secret foot fetish? I’ve seen the internet history. He visits about ten different sites a day. I have no problem with this as I’m pretty open to new things but I’m just confused as to why he won’t open up to me about it?
He is also uninterested in sex. We are trying to get pregnant but he’ll only have sex with me 3-4 times a month around my ovulation days. Other than that he always tells me how tired he is. I want it every day and I always let him know that I do. He rarely masturbates either maybe once a week, if that. How do I get him to open up to me? I get weekly pedicures and wear cute shoes so I don’t see what the problem is?


In my opinion if you aren’t harming anyone else and you can be open with your partner all is not lost. Maybe to some degree he is scared that you will judge him for liking something off the beaten path. I would definitely spruce up your feet and then tell him that you accept his fetish. Have you tried talking to him about it in a non-confrontational manner? As for the lack of sex, if you are attempting to get pregnant that can add stress to the mix as well. He might feel like he has to be on point only for those specific times. If you can just let things roll and don’t focus so much what the ultimate goal is you ‘ll have a better chance of getting pregnant and he won’t feel so on the spot. Also, another might be that his testosterone levels are low, this can easily be determined with a simple blood test.

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