What do you dream about? What would be your wildest aspiration? And if you could have that hope and dream become a reality would you wish for something more? I think one the most challenging things about dreams is attempting to find balance. And what I mean by balance is being able to be grateful and appreciative of what you have, yet at the same time to still have hopes and dreams for more. It sounds oxymoronic (I am not even sure if that’s an actual word…but it sounds nice right?) but it is a fine line. Dreams and goals help us challenge and push ourselves to do more in our lives. Yet, being happy with the small things and benefits that are normally taken for granted allows us to be humble. So how does one walk the tight rope of dreams and still remain content with what is provided to us? I think the best way is to allow your goals and dreams to fulfill your needs as well as others when possible. If we are able to give back to others and yet also pursue what we desire we are able to find balance. What are your thoughts ?

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