Just when you thought you were being heard and respected, then “poof”—office politics. It’s amazing to me in the career path that I have held and how many lessons one can aquire. From learning to deal with people with addicitons in the workplace, the drama of others personal lives, unspoken expectations, to plain old office politics… To be quite honest I am an idealist and would love to see this BS be called out and washed away. God knows how much work would actually be accomplished if everyone could learn to mind their Ps and Qs. But who am I kidding…that will never happen because we all have our own part our own story…and even our own baggage to bring to the table. But even still I will vent my frustration here. It pains me to watch consultants who have been at a company less than a year feel as though they are entitled to speak thier minds freely, refuse to pull thier weight, and then push back when asked to help…all of this after receiving a pay increase. Mind boggling that bad, rude, inappropriate behaviour is rewarded. Those that throw adult tantrums….oh yes I’ve seen them at various jobs….(it sounds like it might be entertaining to watch and adult act like a child…but I assure you it’s not.) Who are given their “candy” to shut them up instead of telling them that thier behaviour is not appropriate… Sweep it under a rug and let’s keep pretending that nothing ever happened and that it will never happen again…right?! As for office friendships the ones that are real and the ones that are fake…. Don’t be fooled there are people in this world who love to kiss everyones ass even if it makes them inconsistent and back stabbing. “But I was only trying to be a good friend…” This portion also makes me uneasy. Let’s be cordial but don’t pretend like you know me let alone care how I free spend my free time. There are a few people I can trust with my life as for everyone else there is an agenda. How can I get where I need to be? I am not saying one should not look out for thier own best interest but at the same time you can do so without stepping on everyone else’s toes….It CAN be done! So here is what I would advise:

#1 When starting a new job or meeting a new hire take time to get to know them. Be more observant and less forward with information about yourself. I can’t tell you how many times people thought I was quiet or shy the first month at a new office…if they only knew! Basically, I was surveying my surroundings and watching how the people worked with one another. I’ve made the mistake of being super helpful and cheerful out the gate and ended up getting walked all over and backstabbed.

#2 Don’t talk about your private personal life if you can avoid it. It’s ok to say “Sally got her first tooth…” but don’t talk about how hot your date was last night….yes I’ve seen and heard it before…ALL the dirty details….

#3 Everyone is out for themselves you should do the same but in a respectful manner. Work hard, and be honest. It might not show initally but be patient and that light will eventually shine through the darkness.

#4 If you want more out of your career don’t wait for someone else to open the doors for you. Keep your options open and available. You never know what you can find if you just look 🙂

#5 Come to terms that sometimes no matter how much we wish and want something or someone to change it just won’t happen. And that it’s ok to realize this and focus on what you can change and what you can control which is your destiny.

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