Unfortunately, I see it a lot more often than I wish I could admit to it. Young men and women signing their lives away to a the military. You are told that you will make a difference in the world {you will or at least you will try}. You are told that you should stand up and be proud of your country and be willing to fight for it. {You will and very few will follow in your footsteps.} You will try and do what is right…and you might not be recognized for your efforts unless you literally give your life, a limb, or any other body part(s). As honorable as this may sound you probably won’t receive the recognition nor the support that you derseve. It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and in many ways it’s wrong. But unfortunately it’s the truth. The positions themselves are glorified and turned into a symbolism of self sacrafice and honor. But again, you’ll have to give up your life or a body part to receive that regocnition. So does that make you brave? Or maybe absolutely insane that you would run into the gun fire instead of away from it? I do not envy those that serve, I freely admit that I would never be brave, nor “crazy” enough to run towards danger. I have the utmost respect for what the positions themselves stand for. I will say however how sad I find it as of late how many young people are deliusioned by the meaning of what thier actually signing up for. You get to see the world….you get to do your part, you get to be a hero….{you will get your ass kicked, your brain will be completely scrambled so that you can function in times of high stress..but this is not guaranteed, you will be “voluntold” to do things, you will work your ass of off and get paid less than minimum wage, you will return to “normal” civilian life without any structure and be expected to function like everyone else, etc (yes there is more…)}. I think what is crazy is that you have people joining at such a young and impressionable age. For the life of me I cannot imagine trying to function with stressors that most of us cannot imagine, regardless of age. We put so much pressure and burden them with the safety of a nation and that of their fellow military members. One wrong move and you could kill someone…literally. Supposedly, there are many times where fellow military personnel are shot by thier own members by accident…ironically they refer to this as “friendly fire” It’s amazing the terminology that is used to “soften” the harsh reality of each situation. I would ask that if you do decide or want to join the military ask someone who is already in, ask their friends and family about how this person has changed and how this new way of life has affected them and the person serving. I am not knocking those that serve. Again it takes a lot of courage to do what many of us cannot. But I believe a lot of times those that serve or intend to serve  do not have the full picture of what this life entails. You give your life away to serve someone else’s purpose. You will be told that it is for the greater good, it might be or it just might be fulfill someone else’s political agenda. This life might be perfect for you, it might not. Just know that there is always more to every story and don’t be afraid to do your research.

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