Why no home, no degree, no wife nor kids? All of my friends my age already have degrees, good jobs, nice homes and a family.  I worry that I will never have any of those things and will die alone sooner.  What have I done wrong?   Should I be happy regardless?


A lot of people have achieved various successes/milestones throughout their lives and on their own timelines. I wouldn’t focus so much on what others are doing or achieving. What do you desire and what do you want out of life? Prioritize, organize, and create a plan. You can set small and big goals, either way start moving forward within your own life. We have struggles and difficulties within these goals- it’s a process. Not everyone will know because most people aren’t willing to admit that some things are tough. Again, I would focus on yourself and what you want out of life. It’s a journey and everyone has their own path. Focus on yours 🙂

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