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Why did I change? I’m so tired? Last year I used to sleep for like four or five hours and I was still energetic, hyper, happy I made tons of friends at school I felt like going to parties and stuff but this year I sleep for like 8 or 9 hours and I’m always so tired, I don’t wanna do anything, I’ve distanced myself from 96% of my friends, I don’t go out anymore I rather stay at home, kinda sad or angry i feel like running away from everything and be myself for awhile, I don’t know why. I want my life back but ugh it’s so hard, I’m 17 I’m a junior but about to be a senir since school is over in a week. What’s wrong with me? Why did I change?

Did you experience a traumatic event, or did your life become more stressful? Or it could be simply that your body is going through a hormonal change. It sounds like you could be suffering from a bout of depression. Many people experience it at some point in thier lives, it can be genetically or evironmentally induced. I would talk to your parents about the genetics of your family and let them know that you are a bit down. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them perhaps a school counselor? The good news is that it’s ok and that it can be helped 🙂
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How can I stop my fiancé from thinking I cheat all the time? I have been with my other half for nearly 3 years now and at first his accusations weren’t that bad, but they are slowly getting worse. I don’t want to leave him so please don’t suggest that. I really want to make things work because when things are good between us they are excellent. I love him so much and I really don’t want this to ruin things for us! Please help! 😩


This is not your issue it’s his. If you have remained faithful this is a huge fear that he will have to overcome. Marriage is based on trust. If he doesn’t have it in you then there is really nothing you can do. I know you do not want to give up on this but do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is always questioning you? Also, this could be a guilty conscience on his part…I think you might want to sit down and tell him it’s all or none. He either let’s this go and trusts you or you are done.

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Spread the Love

Alright, so a fellow blogger has set an example, and I have to say it was a damn good one 🙂 Instead of just blabbing on he decided to share the “love” and knowledge that blogs can provide. And what a great idea! So a big thank you to Tanguyenable.

God only knows with having a full-time job, marriage, and way too many creative interests finding time to read fellow blogs has proved challenging. When I do get to it, I am entertained, sometimes inspired, and often moved. It’s nice to see people contributing their thoughts, personal growths, and creative insights. So, here are the people that I have found interesting to date. My hope is to expand upon this list at a later date 🙂

Tanguyenable– a blog that is creatively random yet honest and thoughtful, he generally describes his personal growth experiences as well as lessons that we all could appreciate, relate to, and learn from.

This Man’s Journey-a blog that integrates photography with parenting. I love that he does weekly photo challenges, something I should push myself to do as well 🙂

I Am Not Defined– a fellow advice columnist/blogger honest and poignant. I always look forward to what comes next.

Bakers Royal– a personal friend, co-worker, photographer, mother and an amazingly creative person. I wish I had half the energy that she did! Her treats are amazingly delicious! Congrats on the potential book deal 🙂