Backstabbing “friend” needs to be taught a lesson, any help or ideas?! I will take anything into consideration? My “friend” basically told people that I cheated on my ex, when of course I didn’t, everybody else has taken my side however she keeps saying it, and it’s just making me feel down. She basically ruined our relationship and she’s done this to my other friend twice aswell, she’s a right bit*h and I need something or some way that I can get back at her. She really needs to be taught a lesson, I recently found out she liked my ex which is why she made that up. However I still think she has feelings for her ex as well, how can I really get back at her, and make her feel like I did, but without getting into too much trouble myself? Please help, I will basically do anything haha! Any ideas at all will be appreciated and thought about!

Dear Annoyed,
Is it really worth stooping to the level of someone who obviously didn’t know how to appreciate a true friend. I know that you are upset and rightfully so. But why not instead confront her and let her know your feelings? By looking for ways to get back at her you are just creating more drama and feeding into the mess that has already been created. Also, it might feel justified initially but later on you will regret that you played along. Otherwise, I would leave it all alone and learn that she is lost and feels the need attention.
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