I am married to a narcissistic, verbally abusive man, who seemed to get way worse after our daughter was born.  He is very controlling, drinks a lot, doesn’t want to work (does but complains about it), and expects me to pick up the slack for everything (like his child support).  He always accuses me of cheating on him.  Nothing I do is ever right, I never do anything good enough, I can’t seem to do enough.  Anyway, I wanted some insight from people who have been through this.  I want to leave, but get sick when I think about my little one year old having to spend time with him.  It scares me!  I know she has to have a relationship with her dad, but I just want her to be safe.  Is it better to stay until she gets older or leave and let her have stability and normalcy with me in a separate household?


There is no stability and normalcy in the relationship now from what you have described. I would suggest taking care of yourself for the sake of you and for the sake of your daughters well being. Having a child is a blessing but also a responsibility. If he is not up for the task no sense in waiting around for him to figure it out. I agree with you a child does need their father/mother in their lives but sometimes if that person isn’t well or has personal issues then it’s best to remove the child. Children are impressionable and innocent they should be guarded from any negative influences. I would suggest you do what is best for you which will in turn be what is best for the child in this case.

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