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This is a wonderful story about self reflection and finding your true self in the midst of everyday expectations. I have the opposite problem that this young woman has. Basically, we are never truly happy with what we have until we learn to accept that we are who we are. It’s interesting to reflect on past life conversations with former acquaintances and friends who have all had the same great debate..Which is better small or large? I am “blessed” with being top heavy. I recall in high school wearing two bras…cause I didnt’ like the attention that they brought me. On top of that I too was in musical theater and loved to tap dance. Even with two bras dancing, something that I loved so much was a painful experience. Clothes never fit. If there was a prom or dance I would have to buy a dress 2 sizes larger in order for the top portion to fit. Swim suits were a joke. I would be limited to the mix and match section every season which would include basic solids or cheesy Hawaiian prints. Where my less busty friends were rocking the retro and modern fitted bandu tops and strapless options. Same thing with bra shopping it was torturous. I would spend over an hour trying on various styles and brands only to find one bra that fit. Needlesstosay, either way whether you have or have not there are always going to be pros and cons. I have come to realize that I love my body for the way that it is. And there are people who pay to have what I have naturally. It’s humorous to me in that I have a few friends who have given in and purchased their own set. And now they too kinda chuckle and realize that having them has it’s difficulties too. They too have trouble finding clothes that fit. Just cause you can fill it out doesn’t mean that it will look good on you. It might pucker by the armpit area. And as for button up shirts…well that is just entertaining in itself. One day it will be fine the next you reach for something and your camisole (you will learn that it is safer to wear one) will be in plain view. The best is when you don’t realize it until 10 minutes later…after you’ve interfaced with several people. But there comes a point in your life where you realize that, this is who I am and what I am meant to be. So you learn to accept and even love yourself for who you are. Enjoy the read, it’s a goodie 🙂


Jennifer Miller


Last October, I stood on a tailor’s block at a fancy New York City bridal boutique for my third, and supposedly final, dress fitting. The seamstress brought out the flowing A-line gown made of English netting and lace, and I held my breath as I stepped into the cloud of fabric and she began to zip. The dress clung perfectly to my hips and torso-so far so good. But the sweetheart cups jutted out over my size-2 frame like a pair of gigantic pastry puffs. Pastry puffs minus the filling. Needless to say, this was not the ta-da moment I’d been hoping for.

My mother had spotted this dress within weeks of my engagement and forwarded me a video of the model gliding down the runway, the fabric floating lightly around her body. It was love at first sight, not to mention something of a wedding miracle…

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Balance is essential and we all have our moments where we have to regain perspective. Enjoy the read 😉

Okay, me and my ex-fiancé started having problems shortly after getting engaged and finally we ended it and I moved out with our 7 month old son. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant again and now all I want is for our family to be together. He seems like he’s becoming more responsible and family oriented which is what I’ve always wanted. I’ve also been trying hard to prove to him that I’ve been working on my problems and that he, and our family, is truly what I want. In a few weeks I was planning on taking him to dinner to talk about how everything’s been going lately. Would it be ridiculous if, after making sure dinner went well, I proposed to him?


Marriage is a serious commitment and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If there were troubles initially then there is still progress to be made. I think if I were you I would ease yourself back into this before taking the plunge. I am not saying that this doesn’t have the potential to become a great relationship and eventually marriage. But keep in mind that you don’t have to be married to create a loving and committed family.

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Backstabbing “friend” needs to be taught a lesson, any help or ideas?! I will take anything into consideration? My “friend” basically told people that I cheated on my ex, when of course I didn’t, everybody else has taken my side however she keeps saying it, and it’s just making me feel down. She basically ruined our relationship and she’s done this to my other friend twice aswell, she’s a right bit*h and I need something or some way that I can get back at her. She really needs to be taught a lesson, I recently found out she liked my ex which is why she made that up. However I still think she has feelings for her ex as well, how can I really get back at her, and make her feel like I did, but without getting into too much trouble myself? Please help, I will basically do anything haha! Any ideas at all will be appreciated and thought about!

Dear Annoyed,
Is it really worth stooping to the level of someone who obviously didn’t know how to appreciate a true friend. I know that you are upset and rightfully so. But why not instead confront her and let her know your feelings? By looking for ways to get back at her you are just creating more drama and feeding into the mess that has already been created. Also, it might feel justified initially but later on you will regret that you played along. Otherwise, I would leave it all alone and learn that she is lost and feels the need attention.
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