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My boss and I have had a thing for either for a while now. We’ve been sexting for a really long time. But only recently did we actually have sex. He’s 40 years old and I’m 23. He’s married with three kids around my age. But that hasn’t stopped him from always texting me while he was at work for pictures or just to talk. He’d always be very persistent asking for more even after I got tired of sending them. After we hooked up last week I texted him the next morning to send him more pictures. (I can only text him if I know he’s working so his wife won’t see) but he just didn’t seem into it. He hasn’t really even been looking at me at work or talking to me much unless its work related. Is it possible the guilt finally set in on his side and he wants to stay faithful now? Our has he gotten bored of me now that I finally put out? Should I try texting him tonight tip see what’s going on? Or just leave it alone?


You know the saying that sometimes things are too good to be true? First off I am sure to some degree you might think it is exciting to have a fling with your boss let alone a married man. However, at any time did you ever stop and consider the consequences of these actions? If you were his wife and you had 3 kids how would you feel about him sleeping with a 19 year old? The point is you’ve tread into some dangerous territory. The best I can suggest is to leave it alone, avoid making the same mistake twice, and look for a new job.

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I’ve been married for 8 years, but the marriage started going wrong about a year ago but we still live together for the kids. I met this cute guy at work and got a crush on him, and admitted this to my husband. He said ‘go for it’ and so I did. One thing lead to another and me and the guy ended up sleeping together. However, this guy has all sorts of baggage and has only just come out of a year long relationship, so I know deep down he probably doesn’t really want me, and I probably shouldn’t get him involved in my **** either, but I really want him to want me back as much as I want him. Although we work in the same place we don’t work together, so have no reason to be seen talking. I want to get it out exactly where I stand. He knows about my situation and doesn’t want to make things worse, but still came over to my place the other night anyway! but when I text him, he never replies, and the weirdness is driving me mad! The next day, I admitted to my husband what had happened, where he then said he’d been to a hotel that same night with a mutual friend of ours. I always had my suspicions about the two of them, but my husband had always just called me crazy and paranoid. I’m also due to start a new job in a few weeks, and I’m stressed and anxious about this too.
I just don’t know how to deal with all of this, it is such a mess. I barely sleep, and don’t eat. I feel like I’m going mad or something. Help.


I can’t imagine how your head is wrapping around this right now! First, I do not have full insight into your marriage-some people have open marriages and they somehow make it work. However, based on what you have provided it sounds like you do not. I am a bit concerned that your husband gave you the thumbs up to see someone else. That isn’t a healthy relationship and it sounds like there is definitely a lack of communication and commitment between the two of you. I think the best question to ask yourself is what do you want? I know that you are emotionally attached to the new guy however it still sounds like you have feelings for your husband. And for the new guy that isn’t fair and for you it just makes things all too complicated. In many ways, and again I do not know the whole story, but I think you might be better off alone and sorting this out by yourself for a while. Generally when you can remove yourself from an emotionally attached situation you give yourself the time to process everything. If you want to try and save your marriage you should seek counsel. You do have something positive right now- a new job that is coming, do you best to focus your attention on that while sorting this out after hours. Again I highly recommend counsel with or without your spouse.

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