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Keeping Good Company

This past weekend was a milestone birthday for me. A turning  point in my life that I am actually excited about. Instead of feeling “old” I feel more aware, wiser, and that I have gained a better perspective of life as a whole. One thing that I have learned is that if you surround yourself with positive and loving people you can accomplish almost anything. I’ve made a few friends in my past who didn’t view friendship as sacred as I did and still do. And for whatever the reason at the time held on to those relationships hoping for the best in those people, even if it wasn’t healthy. Now when I meet new people I just role with it and if something doesn’t sit well I move one- no harm no foul. I believe sometimes people are put into our lives to help us resolve something, provide balance or support for a life change, or to fulfill a void. Some might be brief others a lifetime. Either way what it boils down to we all need each other in order to thrive and move forward. To me, those that I surrounded myself with are my second family. People that bring out the best in me as well as others. Those who aren’t afraid to be honest with me about their thoughts and feelings about our friendship or anything else. Friends who can provide an outside perspective when I’ve become too wrapped up in something. Who know my weaknesses yet also know how to motivate me to push past my fears. Those that have learned a lesson and in the process has shared that lesson with me. Someone who doesn’t  judge me for my failures but encourages me to continue on. Acquaintances are a dime a dozen, but true friends that last a lifetime are few and far between. I ask those that read this blog today to take a minute and reflect back on all of your past and current friendships. What did that person mean to you? What did they teach you or what did you learn about yourself? What makes your friendships today successful?

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Spread the Love

Alright, so a fellow blogger has set an example, and I have to say it was a damn good one 🙂 Instead of just blabbing on he decided to share the “love” and knowledge that blogs can provide. And what a great idea! So a big thank you to Tanguyenable.

God only knows with having a full-time job, marriage, and way too many creative interests finding time to read fellow blogs has proved challenging. When I do get to it, I am entertained, sometimes inspired, and often moved. It’s nice to see people contributing their thoughts, personal growths, and creative insights. So, here are the people that I have found interesting to date. My hope is to expand upon this list at a later date 🙂

Tanguyenable– a blog that is creatively random yet honest and thoughtful, he generally describes his personal growth experiences as well as lessons that we all could appreciate, relate to, and learn from.

This Man’s Journey-a blog that integrates photography with parenting. I love that he does weekly photo challenges, something I should push myself to do as well 🙂

I Am Not Defined– a fellow advice columnist/blogger honest and poignant. I always look forward to what comes next.

Bakers Royal– a personal friend, co-worker, photographer, mother and an amazingly creative person. I wish I had half the energy that she did! Her treats are amazingly delicious! Congrats on the potential book deal 🙂