We used to be great friends, until these popular girls came into our class. Us and the populars used to hate each other but now she sucks up to them, and puts me down. She always calls me a f*ck tard when i make little mistakes…she wouldn’t say that to the other girls. She also calls me ugly EVERY DAY. She says its just a joke and it really hurts me and all I say is okay in a sad voice and she laughs as if calling me ugly is the funniest thing ever.
She takes me for granted, I always buy her lunch and offer to help her with her homework but she never appreciates it..

Also, she thinks shes better than me because she has 60 more friends on FB than me and shes prettier.

If I stand up to her everyone will hate me. She will turn everyone against me, my friends are hers and they seem to like her more. 😦


Sometimes people don’t know how to stand on their own nor think for themselves. You need to stand up to her and you need to stop helping her out financially and with school work. A good friend will treat you with respect and kindness. If people decide to listen to her when you walk away then they aren’t good friends either. Get involved in the community or doing something that interests you to separate yourself from this group. I know it’s hard and scary but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. The sooner you do this the better. You might be surprised you might gain friends that respect you for being honest and telling it like it is.
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