Even when we know it going nowhere and we have tried our best to work things out, why is it still hard to let go. I know he has issues which he won’t address and I got tired long ago with taking on all the responsibility. I am in a better place within myself and working on self care but has anyone any suggestions to help shake the feeling of defeat. For so long I believed that my efforts and love would change him – yes that old story – it is just nonsense. These feelings linger even when I tell myself I deserve better etc. Thanks.
-Trying to be Strong
Dear Trying to be Strong,
Any time someone is emotionally invested into a relationship that’s where things always get hard. Emotions have a way of confusing us of what is really at hand. You know now that this person has no intention of bettering himself. This in the end was and still is his choice. You choose to look at the bigger picture and realize that something needed to change. So you did, and he choose not to go along. Again, this was his choice. In the end we all have an equal share of the relationship there has to be some balance- otherwise when the it tilts one way this is what happens. You did what was right for you- you will find happiness again, you should definitely speak with a therapist and figure out why you choose to be with this person in the first place. There is more here, but for you specifically to learn from.

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